timber clad rear extension

Rear Extension, Detached Family House, Cheshire

The original house is a new-build developer home located within Cheshire. 

Brief: - The client wanted to extend the open-plan kitchen/dining/ living area to have more space with better access to the garden and to form a separate study. 

The simple single storey extension projects from the rear of the existing house. Due to planning restrictions the rear elevation only is clad in larch to personalise the project, with the side walls constructed in matching brick to the original house. 

As well as having sliding doors to the garden the space is lit from above via three flat rooflights. Through careful construction the existing wall paper and floor tiles were able to be retained, and matched as appropriate. By locating the new supporting beams as high as possible, and lowering the existing ceiling slightly, the extension joins seamlessly to the interior, and has a wonderful sense of calm. 


Services provided: Measured Survey, Concept Design, Planning Application, Building Control Application, Construction Drawings, Facilitated Structural Engineer.


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